Thoughts from July 2008

cheese club and bronte


Our Bronte (standing, far right) popped around yesterday to help us enjoy a Scandinavian themed cheese club. She's a bit of an expert on all things Scandinavian, being from Denmark herself, and also starting her very own Scandinavian Kitchen last year.

You can read all about yesterday's Scandinavian cheese club and the cheeses Bronte brought along for us on her own blog here.

put up posters and win stuff

the innocent village fete


We're hoping that you might be able to help spread the word about our village fete this summer in your local neighbourhood or place of work. All you need to do is download this post, print it out and stick it up somewhere where lots of people might see it.

Then you can take a photo of it and enter it into our flickr competition if you like. There'll be prizes for best placed poster, the strangest placed poster and the place where the most people are likely to see it.

It's all about keeping it local these days.

spreadable biscuits anyone?

A very kind drinker brought us a present last week when they popped into Fruit Towers


Speculoos is the spreadable version of those little biscuits you get with your coffee in posh coffee shops.


Those little biscuits are techincally known as speculaas and are a traditionally eaten on 5th December in Belgium and the Netherlands to celebrate St. Nicholas' Eve.

Seeing as biscuits last about 3 minutes in our kitchen, the biscuit spread has gone down a storm and has overtaken chocolate spread as the choice of topping for 3:30pm toast munchies.


Alternatively, it tastes just as good straight from the jar.


Cup of tea optional.

punctures made easy

Yesterday, Fordy taught me how to fix a puncture properly and enlightened me as to how far puncture repair kits have advanced since I last got someone else to fix my bike.

No more glue, funny little rubber circles or scrubby bits of chalk.

Just a postage stamp sized patch that you peel off and stick over the offending hole.


Small enough to fit in your pocket yet strong enough to stop that air escaping from your tyres.

Magic stuff.