Thoughts from July 2008

read-y steady book


Illustration by Oliver Jeffers

There's nothing like settling down and having a good old read, which is quite apt as 2008 is the National Year of Reading, and this week, people all over Wales will be giving books out as part of their national Give a Book Week. We don't reckon it matters if you're in Wales or not, so give a thought to treating your loved ones to a new book. If you're looking for something for kids, anything by Oliver Jeffers is always a hit, even big kids like me enjoy them. If you like your books a little weird, I Lick My Cheese, is also a good buy. Or simply share your latest book with your mates, and make them promise not to fold the pages down. Feel free to share any page-turners you've read recently with us below.

friday nonsense

Sammy Stephens, the man behind Flea Market Montgomery, is back with a little more magic. What a guy.

If you find yourself in a disco situation this weekend, perhaps you should give it a bit of Flea Market.

doodle things and win stuff winners

We ran a little competition in our weekly email newsletter a couple of weeks ago to doodle on the label of June's smoothie of the month. Our Ben's just had a look over all the entries (you can see them all here) and decided on his three favourites. Which in no particular order are...

jomrpicklemolloy "Everyone went ‘ooo’ at this one. we think the birds make it, and the grass skirt."

sueappleton60's not so innocent desert island "Lots of brownie points here for pre-sketching in pencil. Preparation."

and creative_one "Nice use of felt tips, and we like milky joe too."

A box of smoothies goes to each of the winners. Keep an eye on your inbox for even more chances to win stuff.

tetra tent

Along with a few other thousand revellers, our Lucie went along to Glastonbury last weekend for a spot of festival living, falafel munching and Jay Z appreciating.

While she was there, she spotted this brilliant little tent/igloo structure in the Green Fields


It's made completely from used tetra cartons and some very bendy twigs.

On closer inspection, Lucie discovered a couple of rather familiar looking panels inside


Hats off to whoever made this ingenious recycled tetra tent. We salute you.

mama five goats

Mama Five Goats holding Malith.

Every now and again we like to give you an on the ground update from our innocent foundation partners. Some of you may already know that 10% of innocent's profits go to charity each year, primarily to the innocent foundation, but it's individual stories like this one which really remind us of why we do this. The foundation is currently supporting work in South Sudan through FARM-Africa. The people of Sudan have had it really rough through being displaced through conflict, but they're working hard to rebuild their lives and reduce their reliance on food aid.

Amou Mariec Aweer (above) lost her husband in the conflict and her cows and goats were raided by her neighbours. She returned to her home village with nothing, but in 2007 she received training and 5 goats from her local FARM-Africa team. Now she has a flock of 8 goats and in time she will return 5 to the project to re-stock other families. She is now known as Mama Five Goats and this says it all:

“Now people are respecting me in their meetings because I also have goats like them. They no longer call me a poor woman. My life has changed, I am a woman now”.

Her newest goat kid is called Malith, which means spotted colour in Dinka, as animals are often named according to their colour. We wish luck to Mama Five Goats and all her goats.

By Linda, our innocent foundation guardian