Thoughts from July 2008

the bananaphone

If I had to choose one question I've been asked the most since working at innocent, it would have to be "Is there really a bananaphone?" The simple answer is yes. And although it's technically not the phone we speak into, it's what rings out to the whole of Fruit Towers. And it is shaped like a banana. In fact, this is what it looks like.


If novelty phones are your thing, you can see more here

Lots of people do ring us for a chat, and you get to speak to a real, live person too (as long as it's during office hours, we haven't quite reached a 24 hour hotline just yet). If you would like to get in touch, the number is on the bottle.

There's even a song all about it, by a nice man called Raffi. If you like your songs fairly repetitive, you'll love this one. You can listen and indeed watch a slightly strange video with a man who isn't Raffi above.


The sad news is, however, when we were having a bit of a move around in the office, the bananaphone was put somewhere "safe." You know, like the safe place you put your Bucks Fizz limited edition record to, and then can never remember where that safe place was. It's safe, but so safe you can't find it. We'll keep hunting and fingers crossed, we'll find it again.

summer in the park

Thank you Ted for last week’s blog about the innocent band. It got me thinking that the Madchester innocent music club has been a wee bit quiet of late. To make up for it, I’ll be sampling smoothies at Summer in the Park in Manchester this weekend. I’m really excited as the event combines my favourite things; music and food and drink. I’m even told there will be a few beards, delightful.

Check out the brilliant line up which includes Manchester favourites I am Kloot and The Earlies, and a couple of personal favourites of mine Stephen Fretwell and Liam Frost. I’m also looking forward to catching Lucy and the Caterpillar (pictured here, isn’t she cute?).


food and drink
On the food front, the region’s best producers will be making an appearance and there will be food from Manchester’s yummiest restaurants such as Marmalade. Visit Cup, a lovely new addition to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, if you want to quaff one of our smoothies. Or if you fancy a spot of tea and cake you can try the coolest brew in town, Mr Scruff’s Make us a Brew.


The Travelling Band, winners of the Glastonbury New Talent 2008, will be making an appearance too.

So what are you waiting for? Bagsy your ticket and we’ll see you there. Just make sure you pop over to the innocent stand to say hello.

By Vic.

it's good to talk

We'd like to introduce you to Fergus and Vish. They're our longest ever bananaphone callers (that's over a period of time as opposed to a really long phone call) and have been chatting to us since 2004. They travelled all the way from Newcastle to see us, albeit as part of an action-packed weekend, but they managed to fit in a visit, and have a natter over some tea, cake and smoothies.


Fergus and Vish model this season's smoothie fashions.


Simon has just come back from his honeymoon in Italy.

While out in Assisi, he treated himself to his very own pair of handmade Italian shoes.


The craftsmanship is amazing.

a brand new career

We've just finished updating the brand spanking new careers at innocent bit of this website. It seemed to be a sensible thing to do as the jobs pages always seem to be the most popular part of the site (other than the information on our drinks naturally).


We take careers stuff very seriously over here, so the new section contains a lot more in depth information on how we believe in doing business where you can watch a video of Rich talking turkey. Plus a section on life at innocent and your potential new career.

Oh, and all of the very latest career opportunities both in the UK and internationally (we update these pages very regularly so you can be sure all the roles you see are still available). We've even made it a lot easier to apply with a new online application form.

Why not have a look and see if there's anything that catches your eye. If not there might be something you could forward to a friend, or a friend of a friend. Or your second cousin Eddy, who's got a lot of get up and go and is pretty hot with all things career like.