please say hello to carlos


This is Carlos. You might recognise him from his guest role in our new telly ad.

Carlos is our man on the ground in Latin America. He works with the Rainforest Alliance, a charity that is pioneering a better way of growing fruit that helps protect workers, local communities, wildlife and the environment. It's a great organisation and one we're proud to help support. Currently, all our bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms. And we're working with Carlos to introduce this more enlightened way of growing to the places where our pineapples come from. Ultimately we want all fruit to be grown in this way.

Carlos' official title is quite appropriately 'Fruit Supply Coordinator' and he knows the fruit industry inside out having run his own banana plantation for 20 years previously, which makes him a very good friend for us to have.


Some other interesting facts about Carlos include:

  • he's got a great moustache
  • he scrubs up nice when invited to awards ceremonies
  • other than fruit, his main passion in life is great Costa Rican coffee, of which he can be seen enjoying a cup with our Simon above.

He even gave us a bag of his absolute favourite coffee to bring back to fruit towers with us.


Thanks Carlos. Keep up the great work and good luck with those pineapples.