gavin's wallpaper competition


This is Gav. Gav looks after our big fridge, keeps our small fridges stocked up with smoothies for us to drink through the day and lets us all in every morning. Just like Conor used to do.

Gav has got a new project for you. He wants to cover our lockers in different bits of wallpaper as they're pretty boring at the minute. All you have to do is cut out a bit of left over wallpaper (everyone's got a bit somewhere or another) at 45cm by 45cm and send it to us here at Fruit Towers.

To make things a bit more exciting we're going to make it into a competition as well. For every bit or wallpaper you send to us, choose one of the lockers (a/b/c/d/or e) as shown behind Gav in the top picture. We've put a selection of random items in each along with 10 smoothies. Like this...


Then we jiggled them all about. If you can correctly guess which locker the smoothies ended up in we'll put your name in a hat and draw a winner who'll get all of the smoothies. It's a bit like The Generation Game but more low tech.

And to prove that we didn't cheat we've already filmed the winning box, we just won't show the end of the film until we draw the prize.

Just write your name, address, email address, contact number and the locker you think the prize is in on the back of your wallpaper and send it to us at this address by Friday February 29th.

Good luck.