Thoughts from January 2008

the innocent foundation scholarship

Back in April last year we ran our first innocent foundation scholarship for someone from innocent to go out and visit a foundation project. The deal is that person has to roll up their sleeves while they are there, help out with what needs doing and then come back and tell us all about it.

Our first scholar was Helen who visited the Irula Tribal Women's Welfare Society project and helped them to put together a new website. You may remember some of her updates live from the ground. She also made a little film (above) while she was there.

Now that we've added a conclusion to our first scholarship we can tell you about our second. It's going to be to the Microloan Foundation in Malawi. We've just decided who's going and will give you an update soon. You can be sure that there'll be lots of reports just like Helen's here on our blog later this year.

beeing hopeful


Gav spotted three bees outside Fruit Towers this morning. Alyssia, Marie and Emily popped along to take a photo next to our grassy vans for their lower 6th project 'wings of hope'. You can find out more about what they're up to and why they're dressed as bees here if you like.

believe in magic


Those of you in the innocent family will know we like to have competitions to win drinks and stuff in our weekly newsletters every now and then. Last week's family competition was to guess our secret ingredient with the choices being broccoli, a chicken, a wizard and nature.

Of course nature was the right answer, but it made us smile to see that 111 of you believe our secret ingredient is the wizard. We salute the believers.


And congratulations to Charlotte K, Laura H, Adrian H, Johanna P, Becca M, Sophie F, Annie S, Richard P, Ruth D and Sara D who all win a box of smoothies each for guessing nature.

If you'd like to join in the fun get with the wizard and receive our weekly email, you can join our family here.

please say hello to carlos


This is Carlos. You might recognise him from his guest role in our new telly ad.

Carlos is our man on the ground in Latin America. He works with the Rainforest Alliance, a charity that is pioneering a better way of growing fruit that helps protect workers, local communities, wildlife and the environment. It's a great organisation and one we're proud to help support. Currently, all our bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms. And we're working with Carlos to introduce this more enlightened way of growing to the places where our pineapples come from. Ultimately we want all fruit to be grown in this way.

Carlos' official title is quite appropriately 'Fruit Supply Coordinator' and he knows the fruit industry inside out having run his own banana plantation for 20 years previously, which makes him a very good friend for us to have.


Some other interesting facts about Carlos include:

  • he's got a great moustache
  • he scrubs up nice when invited to awards ceremonies
  • other than fruit, his main passion in life is great Costa Rican coffee, of which he can be seen enjoying a cup with our Simon above.

He even gave us a bag of his absolute favourite coffee to bring back to fruit towers with us.


Thanks Carlos. Keep up the great work and good luck with those pineapples.

chilli winged smoke detectors

Hot stuff.

I've just noticed that we've got giant red chilli winged smoke detectors in the rafters of Fruit Towers. Or maybe they're sprinklers?

Does anyone else have these at your place?