Thoughts from January 2008

two weeks to go


You might remember our kids design competition from a few months ago. The deadline is in a couple of weeks (January 31st) so we thought we'd give you a quick nudge to dig out any entries that might have fallen down the back of the sofa.

To get you all inspired for the final push here are a few of our favourite entries so far (all worth a click to see them bigger)...


Nine year old Kai shows us how wizards do it. You can't go wrong with wizards.


Charlotte's entry into the 15-16's category explores the intricacies of grape bowling.


And finally Douglas (who is nine as well) impressed us with his plant pot idea and smiling face swapsie.

The winner of each category (under 8's, 9-11, 12-14, 15-16) will have their designs printed on millions of our kids cartons this spring/summer. Five runners up from each category will receive a year’s supply of smoothies and a visit to their school by our DGV to hand out smoothies. Pretty good prizes that are well worth having a pop at we think.

You can still download the entry form here if you fancy.

another new telly advert

Ted's done most of the blogging this year. Thank you Ted. So I thought I should help out again. Starting off by showing you another new advert. It looks a bit like the other recent one, except this time it features our Felicity and a brand spanking new blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries recipe. Not only did Felicity invent this recipe, she also sourced the special boysenberries to go in it. She’s great like that.

For those who are keeping tally, we’ve also added another gem to our collection of farmyard noises. Watch the ad and respect the mallard.

going camo


The trees down the road from Fruit Towers have gone into camouflage. Can you see them?


It's a truly wonderful thing nature.

state of the nation


We are running a funny shaped fruit competition on flickr at the minute for our innocent family. Sam has just added a great photo of a puddle that looks like Great Britain. It's not a fruit but we'll let them off this time.

Quite apt really as it's coming down cats and dogs over here in London at the minute.

(Someone also once spotted our logo on the pavement incidentally).