Thoughts from February 2008

freaky fridays

Sometimes on a Friday, beers make it round the office at about five o'clock before everyone returns to their desks for the last hour of facebook work. Not today. The beers were there for sure, but then came music (good) and a giant dog licking our projector screen (weird). Some loved it, some felt slightly uneasy about the whole thing. Take a look for yourselves, and then have a great weekend.


It didn't seem to phase Paul and Ed though.

the many guises of clover

We've been gathering up lots of old photos from the last few years at innocent, and recently found this picture of an old van of ours. Most of you probably haven't ever seen this one as it appears below, in all its fruit-bearing, bushy glory. But take a good look at the number plate... recognise it? It's Clover before she was bovined(?).

Apparently this camouflaged version was tried as an idea once a few cow vans were already around, but was swiftly taken off the road after all the fruit was stolen (not to mention it probably being both dangerous and illegal). So we put horns on the roof instead.




8.01am - early morning yoga for bendy people.