Thoughts from February 2008

blue thursday


This morning, something bigger than all of us occurred. Maybe it was the current planetary alignment or perhaps it was something to do with the first solar eclipse of 2008 happening today. Whatever it was, the only colour for tshirts today was a rather fetching royal blue. Spooky.

the first few pages


We started writing a book this week, trying to record the story of our company so far and a few of the things we've learned too. We've been talking about it for a while, and got some of your ideas a while ago, but this week saw the actual beginning. As you can see above, it's always best to commence with a blank page and stare at a tree for a bit before committing yourself.


Richard took up a spot in the kitchen, close to the kettle and the biscuits.


Then before we knew it, the sun was setting and the day was over.

Word count after day one - about 4000.

Biscuits eaten - pretty much a whole packet of chocolate digestives.

cheese off

We had our annual Cheese Off just before Christmas and it's only now we've recovered sufficiently to talk about it.

The Cheese Off is where the innocent Cheese Club all get together and taste the winning cheeses from the previous year.


1 room, 10 cheeses, 40 judges and a whole lot of wine. Think 12 Angry Men but with fairylights and chutney.

There were lots of strong contenders but it was the Epoisses that finally triumphed as the outright champion for 2007 on the night. So ripe for the fight was Napoleon's favourite cheese, that we had to serve it with a spoon.


Will J described it as tasting 'like a ghost train at the fair. Scary but sleazy.' His other cheese tasting notes included 'car crash cheese', 'light jazz brown' and 'similar to an autumn walk with deer.' Clearly a man who knows his cheese.

Rachel and Gurdeep now take on the reign of Cheese Queen and King for 2008. Unfortunately, Gurdeep was already on royal duties when this photograph was taken.


Big thanks to the lovely Ruth and Oliver at the Fine Cheese Company, Sara and Rhuraidh at Paxton and Whitfield, Deanna at Inverawe and La Fromagerie for supplying the cheese and to Kelly's dad for making sure we had oatcakes a plenty.

duvet day


Today is officially the most popular day to pull a sickie in the UK. Something to do with post Christmas blues, people not liking February that much and the post detox effects kicking in.

So if you are reading this from the comfort of your duvet, then the experts recommend that you carry on with the act tomorrow when you go back to work so no one will suspect you skived.

In the meantime, better make yourself a cup of tea quick sharp as Bargain Hunt is just about to start.

no spelt yet

You may have already had a go on our new break time thickie. It's called 'break time' because it fills you up nicely, so is perfect for supping after a tough game of scarecrow tig. Anyway, some of you may have read that this drink contains something called spelt, which is a type of wholegrain.

Well, we just wanted to say that it doesn't contain spelt, yet. It was going to, but the spelt we were going to use was playing up a bit. So we took it out of the recipe, went back to the kitchen and kept on fiddling. In the mean time, the recipe has hit the shelves and contains a whole heap of wholegrains, in the shape of good old reliable oats.

We're working really hard with the spelt people to get the issue resolved. And as soon as we have figured out these pesky grains, they'll be in that recipe, or our name's not Monkey Juice Inc.