Thoughts from February 2008

andrew is going to malawi


This is our Andrew D (star of our Big Knit film). He is looking very excited because he has just been chosen as our second ever innocent foundation scholarship volunteer to visit an innocent foundation project. Just like Helen in India.

Andrew will be going out to Malawi later this year to help out with the Microloan Foundation. Through the Microloan Foundation the innocent foundation is currently supporting a number of fruit and vegetable based projects, and juice making projects. One of these, the Chigwirizano project, has kick-started its juice making business but needs some external business advice and help with a simple but effective business plan. That's where Andrew comes in.

Well done Andrew. Keep smiling.

the littlest fastest cowboy in the west


Young Whiplash, a Capuchin monkey, has been riding (presumably dogs rather than horses) since he was two years old, and is now a regular on the rodeo circuit in the States. You can watch him in action here. Any divas should watch and learn as the only rider he needs to spur him on, pardon the pun, is strawberry yoghurt.