Thoughts from February 2008

answer b & inflatable crocodiles

A little while ago Gav had an idea for a competition. Like all good competitions it had a deadline and that deadline was today.

So here is the official answer to the competition question (to prove we didn't cheat).

And here is the winner: Paul C who sent in a lovely bit of wallpaper and guessed B correctly.


Oh and Gav is leaving us today to go and discover the world, starting with Brixton Academy tonight. Have a great time Gav, don't forget to pack an inflatable crocodile, just in case.

three countries, three drinks, one day

Did we already tell you about Chris?


He drank three smoothies in three different countries in one day. Here's the story of how he did it.

If you fancy you can do better, please let us know.


Chris wants us to add "First, can you make mention that my roommate Bryan also did this? It was a team effort so I want to make sure he gets his 15 minutes of fame as well. Secondly, would it be possible to paste the text of my blog post onto your site rather than linking it to my blog? I'm actually deleting the blog so it'll be a dead link."

Here you go Chris...

January 18th 2008 : Innocent

My roommate and I left Dublin for Copenhagen this morning. We walked around the streets of Copenhagen for a little while, then hopped on a train and crossed the Øresund Bridge into Malmö, Sweden. While walking around in Sweden, I made a remark about how being in three countries in one day was a personal record of mine. Then my roommate mentioned something about how much more impressive it would be if we had done the same thing in each of the countries. Having a pint, for instance. However, we had left Dublin at 4:30am, far too early to start drinking, even by Irish standards.

We tried to think of something that we had done in Dublin before leaving that we could do in Malmö and in Copenhagen on our way back. We had each had an Innocent smoothie with breakfast at the airport in Dublin, so we decided to get Innocent smoothies in Sweden and Denmark as well before the day was over. Smoothie #2 was easy enough to come by. We found them at a cafe inside of an indie music store in Malmö while having a late lunch, so all we needed to do was hop back on an evening train back to Copenhagen and find Smoothie #3.

This was easier said than done. We got back to Copenhagen and had a late dinner before starting our search. At this point, it had started to rain and the wind was blowing fiercely. Still, we stubbornly pushed on, convinced that we would be the first two people in history to consume Innocent smoothies in three different countries in a single day.

We walked several blocks with no success, at one point peeking into a tiny convenience store, not finding the desired smoothies, and being asked by the proprietor in Danish if we were looking for beer. Not knowing the Danish word for "blended fruit beverage," we quickly left, empty handed. Cold and wet but undeterred, we continued walking until we finally found a large convenience store. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a 7-Eleven in my entire life, and there were actually two to choose from on opposite sides of a main road.

We bought our smoothies and brought them back to our hotel, where we opened them with great ceremony, gave a toast, and took a sip. We had, in our minds, just become the first people in history to drink three Innocent smoothies in three different countries using three different currencies in 17 hours, and it gave us great satisfaction. We could finally relax and savor our victory one sip at a time.

Then it occurred to me that I could actually become the first person in history to accomplish this, so I started chugging my smoothie, leaning my head back and squeezing the plastic bottle for additional speed. My roommate quickly realized what I was doing and responded by doing the same. I finished first, triumphantly slammed my empty bottle down on the desk, and pumped my fist in the air. My roommate was quite upset with me for my little antics, but took solace in the fact that he became the only person ever to drink the same flavor Innocent smoothie in three different countries using three different currencies in 17 hours.

If anyone has proof that either of these feats has been accomplished before, feel free to refute our claims. But if not, that's our story and we're telling it to the smoothie company in hopes that they'll give us free stuff or something.

a kind man called greg

A man called Greg emailed us the other day. He has started a blog featuring a bunch of audio work that he's been working on in his free time.

As Greg says "It's all free, but I'm offering the chance for people to buy a handmade CD (packaging made from recycled found stock). Because of your inspiration, I am going to donate 60% of any money that it makes to your innocent foundation at the end of the year. The rest I will use to try to start up a business."

Can't argue with that.

folf professionals

Folf is a new sport, a bit like golf but played with a foam ball.

Brian lines up a shot

It is traditionally played in Mountjoy Square in Dublin, by two men called Brian and Peter.

Claire grabs the ball

But play has been suspended after Claire got in the way of an important folf tournament and ended up with a black eye. Ouch.