the innocent quiz of the year 2008

Update: This competition is now close and was won by Kirrie. Well done Kirrie.

It's a funny old time between Christmas and New Year isn't it? Kind of like the year's spare days just spacing out Dec 25th and Jan 1st a bit.

If like me you are in a deserted office for the next few days, or just bored at a computer why not have a go at our quiz of the year? The winner will recieve a big box of smoothies to get that health thing back up and running again in January.

It's going to be ridiculously easy for both your sake and mine. I'm not expecting many entries as everyone's down the sales, but that only goes to improve your chances of winning if you think about it.


In January 2008 we had an advert on the telly, but who did the voice over?
A: Johnny Ball B: Johnny Vegas C: Johnny Cash

Where did our Andrew go off to in February to help out on an innocent foundation project?
A: Milwaukee B: Malawi C: Milton Keynes
Clue: It rhymes with salami. Kind of.

What would you put this down to?
A: Fate B: Deja Vu C: De La Soul

How many people came to our first ever AGM in April?
A: 1 B: 100 C: 10,000
Clue: We held the AGM at Fruit Towers not Wembley Arena.

What was actually in the jar?
A: Don't ask B: Left over flower water C: Home brew
Clue: It's not A or C.

June follows which calendar month in the United Kingdom?
A: May B: December C: September
Clue: Are you kidding me?

What recipe was our July smoothie of the month?
A: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire B: Agua on the rocks C: Mangoes, coconuts & lemongrass


Who played to a rapturous reception in the Hay Barn of our innocent village fete at 2pm on Sunday 3rd August?
A: Elton John B: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain C: That little one from Britain's Got Talent that did break dancing in the shower.

What new product did we launch in September 2008?
A: Vegetable smoothies B: Little tasty veg pots C: Double CD/ Vinyl compilation album of our favourite music

Who is this lovely lady?
A: Dr Shilpee our company nutritionist B: Dr Shilpee from BBC's Street Doctor C: Dr Shilpee from your local walk in center

What on earth is Joe up to?
A: It's the Big Knit 2008, he's counting little knitted hats B: Don't ask C: It's the Big Knit 2008, he's counting little knitted hats

Have you finished the turkey yet?
A: Done and dusted, it's all about the Salmon now B: Pass the cranberry sauce, there's still a couple of sandwiches left in her
Clue: There's no wrong or right answer to this one actually

The rules:
-Leave your answers as a comment on this blog post.
-Closing date is midnight on Dec 31st, but enter before then as you'll probably be busy doing something else at five to twelve on new year's eve.
-One entry per person.
-One winner will be picked at random from all those giving the right answers.
-Or the closest answers if not.
-The box of smoothies can only be delivered within the UK so don't enter if you're abroad (unless you've got friends in the UK you want to donate the prize to).