Thoughts from December 2008

apt address

Sometimes life would be a lot simpler if the shop or place you were looking for was on an appropriately named road.

You'd know to head to Baker Street whenever the Chelsea Bun craving hit and spilling ketchup down your chinos would never be a worry again as you'd just nip to one of the spate of dry cleaners on Pressed Promenade.

Apt address

Much time would be saved asking for directions and then immediately forgetting them whilst quarrelling over maps, pastry withdrawl symptoms and bashing your sat nav in an uncouth manner would all become things of the past.

Thankfully, Hackney City Council are already leading the way in the Apt Address Movement over in East London by placing the library on Reading Lane.

So no more excuses for not returning library books on time because you couldn't find the right street.

improved classic

Wisdom goes that you can't improve on a classic

New new new

But if that was the case, Cliff Richard's duets album would never have seen the light of day.

So instead of working all hours to bring you that mango and anchovy recipe we keep promising, we've been busy making our strawberries and bananas recipe taste even better.

Well, we say we. Actually, it's Felicity, our Chief Strawberry Taster, who has been busy in the kitchen, blending ancient apple varieties together, working out the optimum ripeness of a banana and tasting every batch of strawberries to come up with this new, improved recipe.

Admittedly this means fish based smoothies have slipped down the priority list again but we think it was worth it.

Let us know what you think below.

setting a bench mark

We spotted our Jess in Time Out last night, in the bit about benches that are dedicated to people. Jess has a bench dedicated to her in Regent's Park (near the penguins at London zoo) in honour of her sterling work helping us to organise fruitstock a few years ago.

Read all about it...


And find even more bench poetry here.

oh what a year


Please say hello to our December smoothie of the month , festive fruits and spices

Less fattening than eggnog and minus the hangover of mulled wine excess, this spicy festive recipe is like Christmas in a bottle (without the pine needles, brussel sprout sandwiches and rubbish presents).

Plus it tastes smashing warmed up in a mug. Even more reason to glug it down this season.

It's the final recipe for 2008 and what a year it's been.