Thoughts from December 2008

hats it


Ok so we're running out of hat puns now. But just to tie up all things Big Knit nicely we'd like to let you know the final scores on the doors, which were...

  • A massive 506,768 little hats knitted (that's over half a million hand made hats, that's a lot of hats).
  • Meaning at 50p per hat we can give Age Concern a big fat cheque for £253,384.

And if you fancy helping to judge the best little knitted hat photos added to this year's Big Knit flickr group just pick your own favourites here (before Tue 23rd Dec).

lucky dan

Back in March, Dan gave a talk to a group of students over in Paris.

One of them was so impressed with Dan's stage presence that she wrote in to us to tell us just how 'fabulous' she thought he was.


According to Emily, Dan's presentation was 'very refreshing after all those boring policticians', especially since he wore a 'rather fetching shirt' and gave riveting insights like 'it's very cold in winter...and in fridges'.

Emily requested that everyone in the office give Dan a 'hug/pat/rub of some an appropriate place' when we next saw him for being so very excellent.

Rub dan

And he liked it so much that we thought we'd extend the opportunity to those of you in need of a bit of luck.

Just rub his belly, make a wish and let the double demin work its magic.

'tis the season


You know it's getting near to Christmas when someone makes a kind of Guy Fawkes xmas tree angel out of an empty smoothie bottle. With yellow pipe cleaner arms and legs, wearing pink boots. And stick on wobbly eyes.

dingle dangle


If you're still stuck for Christmas presents we've just spotted these miniature sized innocent kids drinks ear rings on ebay. Very original.

Note: Although we can't vouch for the legitimacy of external websites and sellers, the maker of these ear rings (mr walker) has sold 27 items on ebay and has 100% positive feeback, which makes him a pretty safe bet in our book.

pat 'the hat' rawcliffe

Hat of year winner pat rawcliffe

We had some special visitors today, of the knitting variety.

The one and only Pat Rawcliffe - owner of the magical pair of hands that knitted this year's hat of the year - popped into fruit towers today with her three lovely friends Margaret, Marjorie and Bridget. There were many fine hats sent in this year, but there was only one knitter out there with the skill, vision and downright courage to knit a Ram With a Big Left Eye hat. Pat Rawcliffe, ladies and gentlemen - breaking down knitting barriers and purling her own path to the delight of us mere mortals. What a lady.