the london wetland centre

here are some ducks. we hope you see something more exciting as a result of this post.

Stuck in London? Need something to do this bank holiday? Well, you could stay in and watch the rain fall whilst eating some biscuits, or if you're feeling a bit more lively you could nip down to the London Wetland Centre.

We like it because it's only a 15 minute jog from Fruit Towers, and because it's a surprising place to find in London. There are 100 acres of beautiful wetlands attracting thousands of wild birds and other wetland wildlife (including 8 species of bat, 7 species of reptile/amphibian and over 500 species of moths and butterflies). You can catch the no. 283 ‘duck bus’ directly to the centre from Hammersmith tube/bus station, and they've got a whole bunch of stuff for kids to do there too.

Of course, if you're still going to stay in and eat biscuits this weekend, you could try it out on Thursday nights until 11th September, when they have fancy BBQs down there, with live music and everything. Or save yourself for their Wild Harvest Weekend (27/28 Sept), when local food will be served and you can learn all about the grub that grows in the wetlands.

If you're not in London, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) has eight other wetland centres for you to check out. And if they're too far away, most shops in most towns sell good biscuits 24/7.