that's all folk(s)

The Madchester innocent music club is sadly drawing to a close. After three amazing years at innocent, I have decided to pack my bags and am off to travel the big, wide world. What better way to end than an intimate Badly Drawn Boy gig at my favourite Manchester drinking hole Dulcimer which has started something of a "folk revolution."


Sorry for the dark photo, I'm not the best of photographers

To see BDB perform in such a small crowd was really special. In his own words, it felt "like the first gig again." The behatted musician has kindly agreed to design a hat for our Big Knit campaign this year. Let's see if he comes up with a folk beanie hat to rival the rock and roll designs we had last year.


If you're into your folk music and are at a loose end in London tonight (Thurs) check out The Saffron Sect's twilight parlour music. I managed to catch some of their beguiling gig last week and it was breathtaking. They are playing as part of Down at the Redbricks, a night of fun-loving psychedelia which has helped launch the brilliant tunes of The Beep Seals (their album Things That Roar has been my soundtrack of the summer) and Findlay Brown, who played at our village fete.

Well that's it for now folks. I'm sad I won't be around to see our Big Knit hats hit the shops, however, I should be back in time for next year's fete. Who knows, I may get an invite to perform again with the innocent band.

Bye for now.

Vic x