Thoughts from August 2008

our biggest fan in Europe?

Please say hello to Hendrik.

Hendrik is currently in the running for becoming our biggest fan in Europe.


So far he has popped into Fruit Towers in London for a cup of tea, visited our Hamburg office twice and dropped by our office in Salzburg (where he lives) on several occasions.

He also took some of our drinks on holiday with him to the Lake District earlier this year.


We're not quite sure when he's planning to visit our five other offices but rest assured, Hendrik, our grassy doors are always open to you.

what's the orangest thing you've ever seen?

You might have seen on our website or this very blog that we've launched our very orange juice this week and to celebrate, we're got three crates to give away.


Just tell us about the orangest thing you've ever seen.

Here's some ideas from people in Fruit Towers to get you started.

What's the orangest thing you've every seen?

Cass - The sunset over the Karoo in South Africa.


Gurdeep - Japanese orange dog food. It's not made from oranges. Just coloured that way.


Andrew D - Andrew B's post fete forehead. The man who knows how to work tan.


Post your entries below by Monday 11th August and this time next week, you could be getting ready to treat your street to a glass of the finest orange juice money can buy (provided you live on a rather short street)

(Competition now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Well done to Vickie, Daisy C and Sarah S. Cartons of our very fine OJ on their way to you now)

some video highlights from the weekend

the innocent village fete

Youtube is a truly wonderful thing for stuff like this.

James Taylor Quartet on Saturday night:

nabbed from darrenwool

The wonderful Angus and Julia Stone playing their Mango Tree song on Sunday afternoon in the Hay Barn:

filmed quite badly by ourselves on a little digital camera that does movie clips

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain play a unique cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. (Watch the far left strummer for some great ukulele head banging).

same camera, same shakie hip shot style

And last, but definitely not least, our very own innocent band in the Village Disco on Sunday evening:

innocent orange juice


We've always wanted to do an orange juice. In fact, we've been making it for years to go into our smoothies. Recently we got to thinking: why keep all the stuff we've learned about squeezing oranges hidden away?

So all this week we've been squeezing oranges, getting our orange juice down to the village fete (dishing out plenty of free samples) and finally onto the shelves of Sainsbury's and Tescos. If you've tried it already please let us know what you think by emailing , or by leaving a comment on this post. We're bursting to know your thoughts.

The bottom two photos were added to our facebook fete page by Dwiko Arie Nugroho & Fi Oakes so all copyrights and stuff belong to them. We hope you don't mind us using them here Dwiko & Fi, they're great shots of the giant orange so we couldn't resist.

this season's berries


Sustainability Jess and Rozanne went to Serbia in July to check out our raspberries and blackberries. Naturally, we're striving to only buy the very best berries for our smoothies, and they were there to make sure that we're buying them from farms that look after their workers and the environment.


The farms we buy our berries from are typically very small family farms – only 0.1-0.2 hectares. They grow a mixture of different crops: maize for feeding animals, plums for local markets and making schnapps, vegetables for the family and berries for some income.


These farms have been with the same families for generations, and they know exactly which crops to plant where to make the most of the natural environment (sun access, types of soils, water etc). The picking of the berries is mostly done by family and friends.


Serbia is a pretty interesting place. Not only do they have amazing berries, but they also hosted the Eurovision song contest earlier this year, have the tallest hay bales in Europe, and make some pretty spooky pottery.


Overall, Jess and Rozanne were really happy with what they found, and feel confident that only the best berries are making it into our blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries smoothie.


And once the hard work was done, they celebrated by drinking a few litres of homemade schnapps with this farmer. Those girls sure know how to party.