Thoughts from August 2008

the bananaphone is back


As Row mentioned a few weeks ago, sometime in 2006, our original bananaphone went missing.

Someone popped it in a filing cabinet somewhere for safekeeping when we were tidying up one day and then it disappeared (the phone that is. Not the filing cabinet).

Anyways, it was a total mystery and left our front desk with a little banana phone shaped hole.

However, last week the bananaphone was returned to much joy and a lot of gentle weeping.


Apparently, Niels in our Dutch office had 'borrowed' it for some photoshoot or other and never got round to returning it.

Or so he says.

You'll be glad to know that it's now back in it's rightful home in our reception and no one is more pleased about this than Chris.


See how happy he is.

stop the drop

Bill consults the professionals

When you've had enough of the men's platform synchro diving, archery and other sporting delights, flick over to BBC1 at 8.30pm tonight to watch Panorama. The author Bill Bryson (who's also the President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)) will be taking a cold, hard look at the mess we’re making of our glorious land. Apparently we drop 25 million tonnes of litter each year and spend £650 million trying to clean it up. So Bill and the CPRE launched their ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign on 16th April which we applaud (loudly).

Anyone can get involved. Detailed information is available at on how we can all help, including emailing your MP or organising a litter pick in your neighbourhood. So watch the show tonight, visit the site and don't make a mess, please.

kids design competition winners (& a new kids recipe)


A little while ago we held a competition to see if you could design our kids cartons. We had loads of brilliant entries – thank you to everyone who drew, cut, pasted and glued. We chose four excellent winners, all of them announced here previously, and now looking very smart in their finished glory below.

We'd definitely suggest it's worth clicking on each to see them bigger.

By Holly.

By Max.

By Lizzie.

By Charlotte.

Check out for all of the winners and runners-up – we hope you like them as much as we do.


And here's our new kids recipe that the winning designs will all be featured on... Please say hello to pomegranates, blueberries & blackcurrants. Look out for the winning designs, and the new recipe in the shops from now.

cheese cake

Our Dutch office received a lovely cake from some nice people (who run an exclusive cheese shop in Amsterdam) as a thank you for inviting them along to our fete last weekend.


Johan (the dashing animated looking chap in the glasses) was extremely impressed by their wonderful manners, extremely excited by the prospect of cake and only the tiniest bit disappointed that the cake wasn't made entirely from cheese.


cereal of the month - this time it's personal

Our German colleagues recently emailed us with some very exciting news. Their much loved muesli suppliers my muesli have decided to set up camp in the UK.

As they like it so much we thought we should give it a whirl. It seems an obvious contender for Cereal of The Month status so we popped it in our little grassy box.


They do different blends depending on your personal muesli requirements. Our Stu was so desperate to get his paws on the special power muesli that he didn't even bother to use a bowl. Look away now if you are easily offended by a lack of manners.