Thoughts from August 2008

hats off at the fete

The Big Knit is back. It's official.

A few weekends ago, we dusted down our needles and started the 2008 campaign with a knit-in at the innocent village fete. Some great folk from I Knit came over, taught people how to knit and some excellent things happened.

Nora made these:


Amir, Anita and Omar made these:


Overall, it was a really productive day:


Thanks to everyone who came along. The Big Knit 2008 is officially underway so please get knitting and check our knitter-natter blog for more wool related updates.

love note board

the innocent village fete


At our fete the other weekend, we had a big pink felt covered board where you could leave a love note for someone you fancied or thought was rather lovely at the fete.


Lots of people left notes and we're keen to see if any romance actually came out of it.


There were over 1000 notes left over the weekend, all of which were dutifully read by Tansy, Ben and Stu.


So we're itching to know whether any love blossomed from these little notes?

Did the fine looking person by the tea stand hook up with the shy person who had the purple pen?

Did Jonathon meet Medium Build But Really Gorgeous by the ferret racing at 2:30pm on Saturday?

Did Casper read his note?

And did the pretty girl who sneezed on Dom's shoulder realise she'd stolen his heart as well?


If you left a love note or had a love note left for you at the fete, we'd love to hear what happened next.


good egg

Please say hello to Sara.


Sara works as a policy officer in Belfast, is a good friend of our Jane W, has an MSc in sheep growth and also likes to show eggs in her spare time.


She's been showing eggs for a while now so you could say she is something of an eggshibitor (sorry).

Egg showing is very competitive apparently and when it comes to a good egg, judges are looking for shape, size, shell texture, colour and uniformity. They use a marking system to allocate points which is quite a difficuly thing to do as no two eggs are ever the same.

Sara's top egg showing tip is to polish them with a bit of baking soda beforehand. Just dampen a cloth, dip it in baking soda, rub the egg very carefully and then polish with a tea towel.

Something to remember next time you're planning to show off at a posh picnic or smarten up your egg soldiers a bit.