Thoughts from April 2008

a sneak preview of the AGM

the innocent AGM


Lots of daffodils.


Grassy clipboards.


Official innocent red crate paper.


Lots of tea.


A collectors edition AGM pin badge (between the mouse mat and water bottle).


People testing the bean bags.


AGM only drinks.


And tidier than normal desks.

friday fix


You can tell it's Friday when the left hand tube on the coffee machine starts looking a bit like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard.


even more trees


We're still fully in our 'take your comments on board AGM week' at the minute so here's another update on how you're all constantly helping to make us a little bit better.

Last year towards the end of our Buy One Grow One Tree project we asked you all if you could think of anyway to improve the project in future. You gave us some great feedback as comments to this blog post. A lot of the comments concerned us giving you more information on where the trees are planted and the communities benefiting from the trees.

So Geoff got our man on the ground in India to have a look about with his video camera. Here's the result.

We've also made a little Google Map showing you exactly where some of the trees are planted (Thurinjapuram, India) so you can zoom right up. Don't go too fast though, it's like virtual sky diving.

You also said that you wouldn't mind it if you could add our virtual badge to FaceBook profiles as well as blogs and stuff. So we've fixed that this year too. You can now add a badge to your own page by planting a tree and then going here.


We'll be asking for even more feed back again towards the end of this year's project don't worry, but if you have any thoughts or ideas to let us know now just add a comment to this blog post.

you've made your minds up

the innocent AGM

Earlier on this week we asked you to choose the top five questions that you'd like answered at our AGM on Saturday. Over a thousand people filled in the survey, which is brilliant. Without any further ado, here are the five questions that are going to be read out on the day, for Richard, Adam and Jon to answer:

When Richard, Jon and Adam started out they had a vision and has this vision materialised or exceeded their expectations? And have you had to compromise any of your core beliefs you had at the outset to reach the levels of success you have today? Liam, by email

How do you know that the work you are doing through the charitable foundation is having a positive impact? Are you having it independently evaluated for the effect it is having on the local economies and whether there are corresponding benefits for everyone in the community, like through building new health centres and stuff? How do you know it's not increasing inequalities or setting up any weird or perverse (ooh-err!) local priorities for people and their families? Farrah, by emailAny plans to produce a range of organic smoothies? Sam, by email

How are you planning to respond to the influx of mid-low price smoothies on the market (P&J price drop, Tropicana smoothies, supermarket own label)? Kirsty, by email

Innocent Drinks must require an incredible volume of fruit from various countries worldwide throughout the year and I've no doubt you source with integrity, but is there much thought being given to food miles / carbon footprints? Where's the line between cost savings through global sourcing and the environmental savings of buying local produce? David, by email

A big thanks to everyone that asked a question, and to everyone that voted. We'll be posting the answers up here on the day as soon as they've been asked (sometime after 5pm), so watch this space. And we'll be answering all the other questions that you submitted on our website by Friday 2nd May.