Thoughts from April 2008

today's AGM agenda

the innocent AGM

Here's a quick overview of the agenda for today...


  • 2pm-3pm: A review of the year
  • 3pm-4pm: Have your say
  • 4pm-4:30pm: A welcome tea break
  • 4:30pm-5:30pm: Ask your questions
  • 6pm: Phew

it's all happening

the innocent AGM

The day has arrived. Our first ever AGM kicks off in just over five hours, and we couldn't be more excited if we tried. Here is the first of many updates on how it's all going.


After two hours and thirty five minutes of setting up, we're sort of getting there


Essential bunting


Don't fence me in


A very big sign

The grassy arches.

the innocent AGM


Butch men folk. Fruit Towers. Friday 4pm. Just one of the many attractions awaiting our AGM attendees.

What the photo doesn't accurately demonstrate is the panicked folks within tidying like they've never tidied before.

It should be quite a day. We're all very excited.

spot the difference

Slight confusion in the last few weeks as people here have been mistaking Diana, who's been helping out our Customer Supply team, for Sarah W (who's on the left).

From countless doubletakes and frequent 'Has Sarah W got a twin or something?' whisperings to Diana getting chased across the office by Charlotte (who thought Sarah W was just ignoring her), they haven't helped matters much by having telepathic dress sense and coming to work in very similar outfits.

Diana finishes helping out today which will be the end of the 'Is that Sarah W?' debate once and for all.


To commemorate this historic day, they deliberately coordinated their outfits.

bon voyage

Our Andrew is about to head off to Malawi on his special trip in a few hours. Straight from work.



He'll be gone for 16 days and is packed extremely lightly in my opinion. But then it is a hot country I suppose. As long as he's got his passport he'll be fine.

You can keep up with his adventures in the andrew in malawi category bit of this blog while he's away. A good trip to you Andrew.

(I'm going back to Stepney Green after work tonight myself.)