Thoughts from April 2008

hello hello

the innocent AGM

Our first drinker has arrived.


Miles got up at 6 o'clock this morning to catch his bus from Somerset.

He's found himself a nice spot on the beanbags and is just relaxing before everyone else arrives.

storm in a tea cup

the innocent AGM


How do you provide tea and coffee for one hundred people quickly and efficiently? Preparation, preparation, preparation.



Now just add hot water. And tea drinkers.

even more cake

the innocent AGM


The cake has just arrived. It was made by Gina who made our first birthday cake, almost nine years ago.

She's coming along later with her husband, once she's finished making daisy cupcakes for someone else's party.

Cakes with daisies being a bit like buses. You don't get asked to make any for years and then loads come along along at once.

having our cake and eating it

the innocent AGM



This is Alice, she very kindly offered to come in early today to make us some cup cakes for our AGM under the premises that 'every good meeting needs some cakes'. And that is Tim who was dancing to the radio being generally quite happy.


Even better than this is the fact that she makes her cakes using our thickies. These ones use our yoghurt, vanilla bean & honey thickies.


And these ones use our yoghurt, oats, raspberries & blueberries thickie.


Myself, Tim and JoJo can honestly say they are the best cup cakes we have ever tasted.


Alice said she'd share the recipes with us, so look out for them in our weekly email newsletter in a couple of weeks.

AGM 11am ish update

the innocent AGM


Here's the latest news from the ground.


The cloak room is now ready for action. Every AGM needs an orderly cloak room.


The big telly's are being spruced up with some daisies.


A nice welcome outside.


Another nice welcome inside.


Plus it's lovely out. It always seems to be lovely out when innocent put on an event for some reason. We're lucky like that.