Thoughts from April 2008

live updates

the innocent AGM

The day has now officially begun. To get a live feed of what is being said have a look at our live twitter feed and just keep hitting reload.

polaroid chat

the innocent AGM

Our roving reporter (aka Ben W with the polaroid camera) has been chatting to a few of our drinkers as they arrive.

This is Liz.


Liz has come from Holborn today but was born in St. Kitts. Her favourite fruit is a mansiport which looks like cheese covered in black leather and is pretty hard to get in London.

Next up is Will.


Will is currently doing a degree in Canadian Studies but has swapped studying for smoothies today. Nice to meet you, Will.

And then there's Laura and Shaz


They thought Fruit Towers was going to have a tower of some description or at the very least, a turret with a silky flag.

We'll work on it for next year, ladies.