Thoughts from April 2008

more new faces II

the innocent AGM

For the last week and a bit we've been posting about some of the drinkers that are coming along to our AGM. Well, here are a few more.


First up there's Paul. Paul is a proud Scot, and has promised to wear his kilt on the 26th.


Then there's Rebecca, who has cancelled a trip to Scotland to come to the AGM. That's dedication. We're not sure how happy Paul would be though.


And Will, whose favourite things include getting out of bed late and our mangoes and passionfruits smoothie. Arrrrrr.


And finally we've got Sandra. Sandra learnt the arts of bunting and knitting from us, and she's even had an order to do the bunting for her niece's next birthday. Quite something.

bright young things

We're always looking for new blood to come and work at Fruit Towers. People to help keep us up-to-date with all the latest fashions and make us feel hip and cool again.

So this year we've launched our first proper graduate scheme to attract such folk and have an overwhelming amount of applications. Over 400 infact.

The application deadline has now passed but we thought you might like to see a few of the applications we received.

One candidate sent a brilliant puzzle box thing which you had to change round to make the different pictures


Another sent an origami napkin coaster to rest our cup on whilst reading their application


This beautifully illustrated envelope contained an equally beautiful application


And this little book with no author got detached from the rest of the application.


So if you wrote it, please get in touch so we can reunite your book and application.

We'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone who applied. We'll be looking through all the applications we've had this week and getting back to everyone in due course.

Keep watching this space for the arrival of lots of shiny, new people this autumn.

interesting compost

On the way to a meeting yesterday, I noticed these little boxes of elephant poo on Jenny's desk


One of our lovely Office Angels, Kat H, had brought them in for everyone in her team to have a go at growing their own rose bush. Apparently elephant dung compost is great for growing roses in.

So hopefully in 3 months time, there will be a nice little rose garden outside Fruit Towers.

Which will probably look more inkeeping than the multicoloured rockery Gav had planned.