Thoughts from April 2008

grassy flagship store

Tanja and Emilie from our Danish office spent a day last week, helping to grass up what has been dubbed our 'flagship' store in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen's famous amusement park.


By covering the shop in grass and daisies, visitors should now be able find their way to nice healthy salads, sandwiches and smoothies much more easily than to popcorn and candyfloss.


Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and is apparently one of the world's oldest amusement parks. As well as a big posh gate and lots of beautiful gardens, Tivoli also houses the world's tallest carousel, something called The Demon and a wooden rollercoaster.


Just incase the prospect of a grass covered kiosk wasn't enticement enough for you.


Hello, I'm Row and I'm one of the People's Champions here at innocent. I'm here to look after all of our drinkers, and be their voice inside Fruit Towers. I recently went on a little journey to visit my European counterparts and here are some of the highlights, largely of the culinary variety, from my trip.

First stop was Amsterdam, where after a day imparting great wisdom and British colloquialisms, Ine and Jeroen took me out for a traditional Dutch meal. I'm the sort of girl who gets nervous when the word 'surprise' is used around food, and even more so when it's followed by a vague description of 'meat mousse.' Whatever that mousse was, it was good.


Ine, me, Jeroen and a strategically placed lampshade in The Blue Dutchman

Disaster struck, as the annual event of me losing my voice began. My fears were compounded when my taxi driver choose the classical channel playing "The Funeral March" over Bruce Springsteen as I was about to leave.


extended vowels to reflect my northern accent

Next up was Hamburg, where I was off to see Brigitte. After narrowly missing out on becoming a silhouette model (darn those clouds), she took me to Fillet of Soul, where no meat mousses were offered. Instead, I decided to plump for elsässer flammkuchen mit speck, zwiebellauch, creme fraiche, rucola und balsamico. No surprises there then.


In Copenhagen, the lovely Emile made sure I had copious amounts of warm drinks and chocolate, the two things a girl needs when she's feeling under the weather.

Naturally this wasn't just a feed-Row-up trip, I should stress that copious amounts of training and divulging of great knowledge went on. If ever you pop into any of our European offices, the lovely Carlien, Brigitte and Emilie will make you feel very welcome, as they did me. A big dank u, danke and tak to all of them for looking after me so well.

how do you buy your towels?


By the kilo, of course.

Thanks to Gav for sending us this photo from Brazil. If you come across any other interesting offers like this on your travels, send us a photo and we'll share them with everyone.

bouncy balls

A few of us went along to the Food and Drink Expo at Birmingham NEC last week to meet some of our customers and have a chat about what we've been up to recently.


It wasn't all work talk though. Bounce your Balls For Cancer were also at the show, raising awareness of testicular cancer through their Non Stop Space Hop. Charlie, Dan, Kate, Colin and Carla spent a good 30 minutes of hardcore bouncing around for charity before getting sore bottoms and going back to the stand to do some work.

a few more AGM questionnaires

the innocent AGM

We're having a little trouble* with people being able to see all of the great entries into our AGM questionnaire flickr group so though we'd upload another few to our blog. Here's the latest batch.


Claire's survey is in the shape of a boat but she's kindly told us what's going on under the folds: " I list, "the silliness and friendliness of everything you do. I especially like the newsletters" as what I like about innocent. I say that my favourite smoothie is Mangoes and passion fruits and that I have been drinking smoothies since the year 2000. You asked what innocent could do better and I said, "Give me a lift to work in the mornings. Or, have more ideas on bottle labels for what you can do with the bottles- along the lines of your hamster canoe thing". I said that I felt "woohoo" today. Woohoo! "


Lauren likes kiwis of the fruit variety.


KT's also a big kiwi fan and tells us her carpet needs vacuuming.


Abby likes a good old fashioned straw-pear-berry.


Sophie's got some new felt tips which have tipped her into the woo-hoo category.

If you fancy getting involved entry is still open with prizes for best picture of a favourite fruit, best suggestion for what we could do better and best overall questionnaire still up for grabs.

*The trouble involves people not being able to see photos from anyone who has set up a brand new account in flickr as there's an approval queue thing. If your logged in and a member of the group you can see every single one though we think..