Thoughts from September 2007

st smoothies - juice A&E

We received quite a strange email recently...

We are a team of veterinary peeps who work nights at an animal A&E department (which shall remain nameless!). As is the nature of the job we can be hectic, or have long gaps between injured dogs and cats that have bumped into cars.

We love your drinks (and loved you long before you became famous) and chuckling at your website often keeps us going through the twilight hours.

One quiet night we got to thinking and 'St Smoothies - Juice A&E' was born.

And an even stranger Power Point presentation..

If you would like to view the presentation a bit bigger so that you can read the text just click here.

bike box peril

Our Copenhagen bike box is a thing of beauty. It's our main mode of transport in a city where the bike is king. We've already had one of the innocent founders in it (see here for early bike box action) and now one of the others has had a go. This time it was Rich, and he wisely chose to pedal, rather than ride in the box like Adam.


Riding in the box this time is Nicholai, who does all of the creative stuff (writing and design) in Scandinavia (he writes our Scandinavian blog too). He is asking Rich to turn right before he pedals into the person taking the photo, but Rich has got his eyes closed. This is not a good thing to do when piloting the bike box.


Luckily they missed the photographer, but Rich is now waving at the camera and not looking where he is going. The moral of the story - just because you started a smoothie company doesn't make you a pro bike box rider. You've got to earn your stripes. Starting now.

hippies use side door


As seen at the entrance to the Talbot pub at Newnham Bridge, Worcestershire. We've been up there gathering a new secret ingredient for next month's smoothie of the month.

We didn't see any actual hippies. More's the pity.

cereal of the week

There's a new thing in our kitchen. It's called Cereal Of The Week. Every week, a new cereal is introduced to us, and is placed inside a special perspex box so that you can check it out. If it looks good, then you can put it in a bowl with some milk and eat it, maybe with a spoon.


This week's Cereal Of The Week is Gorilla Munch. It's the actual stuff that gorillas eat for breakfast*, and is very tasty. Quite sugary, but very tasty.

If you know of any interesting cereals that we should be trying, especially those eaten by rare forest-dwelling primates, please let us know via the comments.

* maybe