Thoughts from September 2007

next stop ... Hollywood?


We were rather excited to learn our drinks have finally made their way onto the big screen. If you happen to be watching "Run, Fatboy, Run" anytime soon, look out for them towards the end of the film during the time when Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria's characters are watching TV.

By all accounts the drinks pulled off their strong, silent part superbly, and knew just when to take a backseat so as not to overshadow Thandie and Hank. Who knows where this may lead to next, although rumours they're gunning for a bigger trailer, bowls of Smarties at room temperature (with the brown ones removed) and their own personal trainer have yet to be confirmed.

nag nag nag


Would you like to do something about climate change, or sweatshops, or eating better food, but, well, you know... You're busy, things come up, your forget, you don't where to start...

Well, we found something that might help. The Nag. This is a great new initiative where if you sign up on line, you'll get a little email reminder (or nag) which will tell you one easy thing you can do to be greener, cleaner, and if you want - a little bit smug about how good you are. Nag subjects vary from energy, flying and food through to chemicals, clothes and money. You are given a choice about doing each month’s nag - be it turning down your thermostat, switching to green energy or getting an ethical bank account - or simply skipping it until the next month’s nag arrives. The Nag team track what people are doing, measure the calculable impacts and then display it on a nifty map so you can see the difference that we have all made.

The idea is that a few people doing small things are drops in the ocean. However, thousands of drops, can together make a big wave (of difference, that is)… we like it.

By Sustainability Jess

tonight's the night in didsbury


... but then you probably knew that anyway. If you'd like to go along, please click here. It's being held in Casa Tapas which is next door to our little Manchester office in Didsbury Village (we're above Evans the fishmongers). Mystic Angela will be ready and waiting for you, although we can't promise her psychic revelations will include this week's lottery numbers or whether you should take an umbrella to work tomorrow.

make someone's year


You probably remember that we started a village fete flickr group a while ago with a prize of a year's supply of smoothies to the best photo in each of the 3 categories. Well the time has come to decide on the 3 winners, the only problem being we can't decide.

So we're hoping you can help us by visiting our voting page and selecting your favourite photos from our shortlist. We'll then announce the winners in our family newsletter on Wednesday 19th September (you can join our family here if you aren't already a member). Voting will close at midnight on Sunday September 16th.

Go vote.

talent scouts

The last we heard of Scouting for Girls they had just signed a big big record deal (after we hand picked them from unsigned obscurity as joint winners of our 2006 fruitstock talent search).

Well would you know it they've now got into the top ten with their new single 'She's So Lovely' (video above). How good is that?

Their debut album is out next week. Keep on going boys, top of the pops next. Oh they stopped showing that didn't they. Popworld on T4?