Thoughts from September 2007

a film about our strawberries

We've tried loads of strawberries over the years and have realised that Senga Sengana is the variety that tastes best. And seeing as we want our drinks to taste the best, that's the variety we use. Senga isn't grown in the UK, so we go to Poland to get ours. We were there a few weeks ago, and made a little film while we were there.

This season's crop has been excellent - you can taste and see the difference - check out the deep red colour and intense flavour of our strawberries and bananas smoothie at the moment.

lest we forget

This is what happens when people leave innocent.


They get mean.

(NB This is a picture of a former innocent legend, Mat A, who left us to roam the world and seek his fortune. He's still sporting a rare plum coloured innocent t-shirt from 2001 and what seems to be a big gun.)

lunchtime knitting

We thought our big knit hatometer needed a bit of a boost so we had a lunchtime knitting lesson from some of the ladies from Age Concern Hounslow. We enjoyed it so much that a tea, biscuit and knitting lunchtime group is sure to follow.

Needles at the ready.

Ginger Sarah gets her needles in a twist.

every loser wins

It's been over ten long years since Wicksy first sat down at a piano and tinkled out 'Every Loser Wins' (they had amazing acoustics in the Queen Vic back then). Well this week we learnt the true poignancy of Wicksy's words the hard way.

Do you remember our attempt to break the world record for the longest bunting in the world at our village fete in Regent's Park? Well, we failed. We didn't quite make it. The current record is still held by Wendy Hughes, helped by 6,000 Buckinghamshire school children.

It's taken us a while to measure up all the different bits of bunting but the final total came to 0.455 miles, 771.72 metres short of the record unfortunately.

But as Wicksy sang, every loser does indeed win and we have also won in many ways...

You sent us so much beautifully handmade bunting that we felt truly in awe of your creativity and dedication.


We got to hang out with the Girl Guides for a weekend as they helped us to organise our attempt.


It got us all together for a lunch time of bunting making at Fruit Towers and cheered the office up with the tangles we put up afterwards (I bet the Central Office of Information has never looked like this on a random Wednesday in July).



And we all had a lovely couple of days out in the park.

We're sorry that we failed, but you can't win them all. We feel humble in our failure but would like to thank every single one of you who helped or donated bunting to the attempt.

Just watch this space next year, we're determined to get in that book now.

(Oh and if you fancy getting yourself one of those ghetto blasters that were all the rage in Albert Square in 1986 then have a look here).