what's a wattson?

This is a wattson...


It's a very clever little gadget that tells you how much energy your home is using, both in numbers (the cost of your annual electricity bill if you were to carry on using the same amount of electricity as you are at that point in time) and in colour (if it glows red you're using a lot of electricity, blue if you're keeping things lean).

Apparently the first thing most people do is see how low they can get the number and how close to blue they can get the glow, and then keep it like this as often as possible. Hence they use less electrity, hence less CO2. It's a great step towards prevention rather than cure.

A wattson can work out positively for your bank balance as a long term investment and positively for the planet as an even longer term investment. Studies have shown both electricity bill savings and accompanying CO2 cuts of up to 15%.

I spotted it in the new howies shop on Carnaby Street last weekend. Here's Ade in his shop just before it opened.


We'll have more about the new howies shop soon.