Thoughts from October 2007

our big knit flickr group


Our Big Knit flickr group is starting to fill up nicely now. I've just found this lovely little jumper in there which really reminds me of our second ever smoothie of the month label. It's not quite a hat granted, but it is knitted and little and woolly. And it fits quite nicely on top on a bottle.

We've also added a little widget showing some more of the photos in the group to the side of this page. Please feel free to upload your own pics if you're a hat knitter, or wait for them to turn up in the shops and take a snap if you're a collector.

Oh the joys of technology (and good old fashioned sharing).

an innocent advert in the news


Today there have been a few reports in the papers saying that innocent is trying to mislead consumers and make claims that aren’t really true. So we thought we’d give you our version of events. A while ago we decided to start making a detox smoothie, full of pomegranates, blueberries and acai – all ingredients that contain a good amount of antioxidants. You can measure the antioxidants in a drink by testing its ORAC rating. So we did, and its ORAC rating was really high. Then we delved into the score some more, and found that it was greater than the ORAC score of the average five a day, according to studies in America.

Then we made an advert. And, though it mostly focussed on acai being natural, we also said that the smoothie ‘contains even more antioxidants than the average five a day’.

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) got a complaint about it. One person thought it was misleading. And although we provided evidence, they didn’t agree with the study we used to back up our antioxidant message. They also think that the word detox should only ever be used about things that can prove they actively remove toxins from the liver, whereas we've always thought that detoxing naturally is about making sure you get the good stuff to balance out the bad stuff.

We ran the ad in October last year, when we launched the recipe. We have no interest in confusing or misleading people. When we find that one of our recipes is packed with extremely healthy ingredients, we like to pass the information on. Ultimately, we only ever want people to understand that eating fruit and veg is the best thing you can do. And we’d never want someone to think just drinking one of our bottles was all they should do that day. We figure people are smart enough to know that we’re not a quick fix, and that you’ve got to eat your greens too. So if you read anything about us trying to trick you, now you've got both sides of the story.

more damsons, more blackberries, more movies

Here are some more films about our new autumnal ingredients. First up is a clip about damsons, featuring the mighty Stanley Yapp.

And next is Craig, tending to some very large blackberries.

Both worth watching if you fancy finding out a bit more about the UK ingredients that are currently going into our damsons, blackberries and elderflowers and damsons, blackberries and apples recipes.