Thoughts from October 2007

the happy carriage


Ade's been talking to our Ceri (pictured above behind the glass) and he's had a great idea.

I'm in. Let me know when they say yes.

Anyone else?

Update: Ade's idea got turned down, find out why here. Oh well, at least he tried.

professional help


It's been great to see so many businesses getting invloved with our Big Knit project this year along with the individual knitters.

A couple of examples I've just come across are the kind people at Zoppa who have been lending a hand and some folk from the National Museums of Liverpool who've created a very colourful little slide show here (excuse the beer, it's a Friday though).

And then there are our friends at Sainsbury's who along with exclusively selling our smoothies with hats this winter have been rolling their sleeves up and helping to knit them to.

From left to right Jo Waller, Hazel Glover, Julie Wilby, Sue Leather , Martin Jackson and Front Sue Mellows Facer.

This is Sainsbury's Guisborough who have hand knitted 1700 hats alone.

It's been really motivating to see so many people joining in, young and old, business and seasoned knitter, Andrew and Margaret (and Marie of course).

We just need to keep an eye on that hatometer now.

hat trick

Although your little wooly hats are pouring in from far and wide, it's still looking pretty close to call as to whether or not we're going to smash our target.

The deadline to get your hats to us is this Monday 22nd October, so make sure you get those needles knitting, parcels packaged and stamps licked/stuck this weekend.


Only 8946 table football teams' worth of hats to go...

up close and personal with fruit

See if you can watch this for more than 60 seconds without smiling.

(We didn't make it ourselves so can't vouch for all the facts and figures within it, especially the claims about pineapple being good on pizza with ham).

bonny cheese

Each month, we have Cheese Club, where we eat lots of cheese, vote on our favourites and then put them head to head in the Cheese Off in December. It's a bit like Pop Idol; just with cheese and minus all that blubbing.

This month's theme was Cheeses of Scotland, hosted by two of our favourite Scots, Kelly and Andrew D.


Pride of Scotland

As well as thistles, Proclaimers songs and the odd photo of Lorraine Kelly, there were authentic Scottish hats...


See-you-Jimmy hat fight

Some serious cheese lovers...


Go ben i thee skullery n git mi thi pickle (please can I have some chutney?)

And some excellent cheese.


The winning cheese was Inverawe Smoked Cheddar. It's the orange one, incase you were wondering.

Hats off to the McKerrow clan (a.k.a Kelly's mum and dad, Anne and David) for sending us the thistles and some of Scotland's finest oatcakes and shortbread.

We only have one more Cheese Club to go before the Grand Cheese Off 2007; watch this space.