Thoughts from November 2007

the hats are coming


The launch of The Big Knit 2007 is nearly upon us. Our smoothies are currently being hatted-up by busy hands in woolly gloves as we speak. They're then put into special boxes so that Sainsbury's know they've got some very special stock to look out for..


A few behatted bottles have already started to appear in Sainsbury's stores here and there. We're hoping that we'll have made it out to all stores by this Wednesday Nov 7th. Keep an eye out for the unique supermarket spectacle that is a shelf-full of smoothies in hand knitted booble hats, it will be for a limited time only.

If you get any good pictures don't forget upload them to our Big Knit flickr group. There are some great smoothie related prizes up for grabs again.

as if it were yesterday

We have to apologise that it's taken us so long to upload a film about our village fete this summer. It's been quite a while since the fete, it's got very cold between then and now for example.

But watching the highlights from our weekend in Regent's Park back in August has managed to warm us all up a bit this morning. It feels like it was only yesterday.

I'm going to go and buy an ice pop.

(The music is by The William Fairey Band incase you are wondering. They also played at our fete on Saturday to a rapturous reception).

austria, with chairs

You may remember that in our last Alpine update, Jess was working out of her B&B, due to our lack of an office. We are happy to report that we've now found an office, but the only furniture that we have so far is Franz's wife's breastfeeding chair and matching footstool.

"You'll just have to sit on the floor darling"

If you are in Austria and can help us, we are currently looking for a nice table and some chairs. All offers gratefully received.