Thoughts from November 2007

ha hulu


We've talked before about the exciting work the innocent foundation been supporting with Send a Cow. Way back in 2005 we agreed to provide some funding to help the villagers of Ha Mapathe village in Lesotho to make some real changes to their lives and now 3 years on we're just about to transfer our last grant to them and we're so excited by what they've achieved we thought you'd like to hear about it to.

Lesotho has just been through it's worst drought in 30 years and the Ha Mapathe farmers have been finding life tough, but the villagers say they would be in a worse state if they hadn't put so much energy into building keyhole gardens, double dug beds and hafirs (water storage tanks), which have enabled them to grow enough vegetables to be able to survive.

Richie Alford Send a Cow's Programme Co-ordinator recently asked some of the Ha Maphathe women if they were happy as a result of the project - their response was 'Ha Hulu' . . 'absolutely definitely, in a big way!' What a fantastic response.

If you're stuck for what to buy Auntie Vera for Christmas and fancy helping people like the amazing villagers of Ha Maphathe you might want to take a look at

Posted by Linda (innocent foundation guardian)