inside the butterfly house

Karry kindly wrote in to tell us how much the butterflies (especially the Owls and the Blue Morpho) at the Magic of Life Butterfly House in Aberystwyth enjoy supping on our smoothies. Apparently they never enjoyed concentrated juice, so they're pretty switched on insects.


This is a female Mocker Swallowtail from Tanzania feasting on some of our pineapples, bananas and coconuts smoothie

The Magic of Life Trust has been set up to increase the awareness of the natural world, and if you go along, you'll not only get a personal tour, but they'll tell you all about the plants, butterflies and rainforests. So, if you're in the area, and stuck for somewhere to take the kids during the holidays, or you just fancy looking at butterflies, pop down there. We'll leave you with a picture of Semperi, a swallowtail only found in the Philippines. And now Aberystwyth.