Thoughts from May 2007

arise, phone box

The phone box has risen.

Ian applies the pallet truck.

John tries to lift it by himself. This doesn't work.

Planks of wood come in useful.

The final push for the summit.

A little wiggle and it's there.

lifting a big red phone box

We are a little more clear on what the phone box is going to be used for. Apparently it's going to be used as a phone box. An amazing revelation. More specifically, it'll be for private calls, so no one else can hear you say "I love you too" at the end of a conversation.

We lifted it inside yesterday. Seeing as it's made from cast iron and weights three quarters of a ton, this was quite tricky. Of course, this didn't stop our strong men from standing around it for a while and pontificating on the finer points of phone box lifting. There was a lot of standing around:

"Oh, I wouldn't do it that way if I were you"

And then some lifting:

"Lift with your knees"

And then some more standing around:

"I'm going to speak to the union about this."

Well done lads.

If anyone knows any proper big men with proper big lifting equipment, drop us a line. We've still got a bit of phone box moving to do.

an advert for our kids smoothies

Here's an advert that we made for the telly. It's all about our kids smoothies, and it's on TV in some parts of the UK at the moment.

If you have a moment, let us know what you think of young Freddie's performance. And see if you can identify the voice.