Thoughts from May 2007

we won a green prize


We just won a special new prize. Now, as you know, not only do we like to buy the best tasting fruit, but we also try to buy it from farms which look after both the environment and their workers. To help us do that, we work with the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organisation that protects ecosystems and the people and wildlife that live within them.

Last week it was the Rainforest Alliance's 20th birthday, and at the celebrations we were lucky enough to receive their Green Globe Award for businesses that "demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to furthering sustainability by integrating environmental and social sustainability into their work."

They only gave out three such prizes worldwide, so we were honoured to win. We promise to carry on being good and doing good, even if Rich and Adam did look like scruffy b*ggers when picking up the prize.

(l-r Patrick Swayze, Gareth Gates, James Bond)

We'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Carlos Vega, the new Fruit Supply Coordinator with the Rainforest Alliance (we helped provide the funding for his role). Carlos will be helping us buy more Rainforest Alliance certified fruit, including pineapple, orange, acai and acerola.


He's Costa Rican, loves laptops with big screens, and enjoys a double can of beer before he goes to bed. He knows the fruit industry inside out and is going to be invaluable to us in our quest for more certified fruit.

hound dog


We'd like to tell you about our favourite Elvis impersonator. He rings the banana phone every Thursday or Friday afternoon and sings to us.

He loves our smoothies (cranberries and raspberries is his favourite) and his website is here. Thank you Elvis.

bargains galore


Our friends at howies are having a sample sale in Brick Lane in London this w/e along with lots of other eco brands like People Tree.

As well as some great bargains and fab designs, there's also free Fair Trade coffee and chocolate on hand incase you need a little rest from all that shopping.

It was pretty frantic when we dropped in but Ade, Poppy and their friends were all on hand to make sure the sales frenzy was an enjoyable experience; have a look for yourself here

The sale is on till Sunday, so if you're in the area and fancy popping along, here are the details:

18.05.07 Friday 10 am - 8pm

19.05.07 Saturday 10am - 7pm

20.05.07 Sunday 11am - 5pm

Studio 95, 95, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL (opposite 93 Feet East on Brick Lane)

Don't forget to take your own carrier bag and form an ordely queue.

new labels

We've just finished writing and artworking a whole heap of new labels. They're stuck up on the wall for all to see.


Here's one to read now. You'll have to wait a week or two for the rest of them to start appearing on the shelves.


magic breakfasts


Magic Breakfast is a charity that was set up four years ago to supply free, healthy food to kids in schools. Currently one in four children in UK turns up to school without eating anything in the morning, so they are too hungry to learn. But Magic Breakfast are really doing their bit. Last year they fed nutritious breakfasts to 250,000 school children, which is pretty impressive. Back in April, we had a few spare drinks here at Fruit Towers, so we gave Magic Breakfast a call to ask if they'd like them. The next day, children in 17 primary schools across London had one of our breakfast thickies in their hands first thing in the morning. Since then, we've had a steady intake of thank you letters into Fruit Towers from the various schools. It gives us a bit of a warm feeling inside.