the strength and determination of Rocky

A nice man called David from Creative Emporium decided to make us some hoodies to help us keep warm on our early morning runs. We're really pleased with our super snug hoodies and they've inspired us to adopt a new running mantra - Wear Rocky. Feel Rocky. Be Rocky (grrrrr).


Last week, we headed to the softer ground of Richmond Park for a big Rocky style run. We saw lots of deer, greeted fellow runnners and cyclists with happy hellos and got our trainers all muddy (which made us feel like real runners). We also got a bit lost and ended up being overtaken by power walkers, so we've decided to write directions on our hands from now on.

This week sees the last of our big runs, so we're spending the week resting and eating pasta in preparation. If you've got any tasty pasta bake recipes, please do let us know.