scouting for success

Long time readers of our blog and early arrivals at last year's Fruitstock may remember the 3 piece musical ensemble 'Scouting For Girls'. They were the winners of our 2006 Fruitstock Talent Search and as joint winners got to open the main stage performances at our free festival in the park. We were very pleased to hear on the grapevine that lifelong friends Roy, Greg and Pete have just signed a big record deal with Epic/Sony BMG.

Have a look at their 'Airplane Song' video above and see how many fruit references you can spot in the lyrics. (This isn't why we choose them as winners of our talent search by the way. We're far more fickle than that...they won because all of the girls here fancied the singer.)

Anyway congratulations to Scouting For Girls, we'll look out for you in HMV next time we go.