Thoughts from March 2007

guerrilla gardening


Seeing as it's now spring it's the perfect time to be thinking about gardening. If you don't have a garden/window box/allotment/terracotta pot then why not try some guerrilla gardening*? Described as 'a floral assault on neglected public spaces', it's definitely got something going for it. Read more here...

*innocent in no way condones illict acts of horticulture.

o'er the border

This week our crack sales team (Ed, Vic, Ginger Sarah & Linds) have headed to the top of the country (which is a looooong way in a grassy van) to visit our Scottish stockists.

our vans in Scotland

Ginger Sarah and Linds

We've met lots of lovely people along the way.


Colin at The Globe - Henderson Row, Edinburgh


Janet Halliday at Xanders - Lothian Road, Edinburgh


Blade (that's the name of this particular grassy van) in Blackpool - check The Big One out in the background.


St Andrews Castle.


And our favourite Scottish hairdressers.

More news on Friday...

i spy in our local park

It's officially spring now (I can say this with confidence - Andrew did some research and it apparently started on 1st March) so I went to the park at lunchtime to see the effects. Here's what I found...


1 pair of discarded welly boots.


A foraging squirrel. It's a great word 'foraging' isn't it.


Some nice cherry blossom.


A pair of trainers in a tree.


A pair of parrots (or are they parakeets?) in another tree. I actually got a little worried that they must have escaped from the zoo so called over the local community policeman (who was on a lunchtime stroll as well). He told me that they were locals to the park and had been in residence for the last few months. Fascinating.


And last but not least our new smoothie of the month sporting a lovely spring label by Kat.