Thoughts from March 2007

an innocent austrian holiday...

It's around that time of year when you may be thinking about booking your easter/ summer hols so we thought we'd share this lovely little photo story sent into us by Sandra...


Thank you to Sandra for sending us your picture and also to Klara the dog for oh so dashingly posing for photos.

running man

You may remember in our last marathon update, we asked you to recommend your favourite running routes through London.

Now, you know that karmic rule about whatever you put out there you get back threefold, reap and ye shall sow type thing etc? Well, in our search for new running routes, the running gods have been generous indeed.

We got pointed in the direction of some great websites, discovered some hidden areas of London and last week, got a great big dollop of karma in the shape of Chris D, a running guru who has just started working here.


Not only a whiz at all things financial, Chris is also a keen runner and has just written a great book called 30 Great Runs In London.


All runs are as traffic free, green space and easy-to-get-to as you like and come with a detailed route map, highlighting all the interesting places along the way. As well as the nice pictures, Chris also tells you where all the hills and hard bits are and, most importantly, where you can go to the loo.


He very kindly gave each of us a copy so we're going to roadtest a few of his runs in our final few weeks of training and let you know how we go.

the magic van

These are great times at Fruit Towers. The new bit is nearly finished and the builders have one more thing to see to, which is our brand new kitchen area.

That means that we don't have anywhere to make tea at the moment, seeing as they're demolishing the old kitchen in order to build the new one. And our business, like many others, doesn't function very well without tea.

the magic van has a magic hatch

But never fear. The magic van is here. It'll be parked outside for a few weeks, dispensing tea, coffee and some rather good bacon and egg sandwiches.

the magicians

To be honest, we wouldn't mind if it took a couple of years to finish the new kitchen. Just as long as we get to keep the magic van. So, if the builders working on our new kitchen are reading, please feel free to take your time. Read the paper a bit longer in the morning, take more tea breaks and if you feel like clearing off at 3pm, we won't stop you.

the boys in blue have discovered the magic van

our brand new pinboard


Pretty much since innocent started you've been sending in great letters, photos, drawings, collages and other stuff that we've proudly displayed on the wall at fruit towers. Well, we thought we could no longer keep all this good stuff to ourselves, so we’ve made a fancy new web pinboard where we can show off some of your stuff and you can upload more if you like.

(Look out for the innocent mini, nappy, lunchbox, necklace and hamster house amongst others...)

a creative job - interested?

tools of the trade

We need a new creative person, to help us write stuff, make stuff and design stuff. The lucky boy/girl will be working in our small in-house creative team, making sure that everything we do is as innocent as possible.

The job spec is here - we're pretty anxious to find the right person, so please tell your friends.

PS please follow the instructions at the bottom of the job spec if you want to apply - that way, the right people will see your application.