Thoughts from March 2007

yorkshire tea

Having been born in Yorkshire, I am a little biased, but it does seem to be the best county in the UK. This sentiment was only confirmed the other day when we received this note and pile of fine products from the good people at Yorkshire Tea, all because they'd read that our kitchen was out of action.



It were right kind of them.

gordon doesn't deliver the goods


We don't get disappointed often, but we have to say that we're very disappointed to see that Mr Brown, aka the Chancellor, has not reduced VAT on fruit juices to 5% in his latest budget. We and our drinkers have been campaigning for a year for this simple step which would lead to over 500 million more portions of fruit being consumed each year in the UK. Two thirds of people are still not getting their five a day and we think it’s madness to tax something healthy like fruit juice at 17.5% (sold in supermarkets), especially when this tax isn't applied to hot dogs and pizzas sold in the same shop.

Good news in the budget included a whole host of incentives for the environment, from biofuels to efficient cars and zero carbon homes. But there was little to encourage the health of our nation. As well as lower VAT on juices, we would have liked to have seen free, healthy school meals for all primary school children. A trial in Hull has seen a 90% take up of these healthy lunches and a real change in the behaviour and performance of those kids. But there evidently wasn't enough money left in that red briefcase to help out the rest of the nation's young people. Ho hum.

kids needed for TV fame


We're going to be making a TV advert for our kids smoothies very soon, and we thought we'd ask you if you knew of any smart kids who might like to be in it. We need a boy or a girl, aged about 9-10, who is natural, fresh-faced and perhaps slightly cheeky (but without any stage school affectations – no Mini-Pops).

The prize awaiting the winner is a trip to somewhere nice to make the advert (with a parent/guardian, of course) plus a year’s supply of smoothies, and we’re looking to film very soon, in the week commencing 2nd April, so the winner will need to be available to travel during that week.

Parents should send photos of their future stars to and put ‘TV star’ in the ‘Subject’ box, remembering to stick their contact details and their kid’s details (name/age) in the email too.

Time is short - we need entries by midday on Friday 23rd March. So don't delay...