Thoughts from March 2007

random acts of kindness


Everyday at innocent we look forward to opening up the inbox. It's always full of great stuff you send us and inspiring stories. Here's just one story we received on Friday...

Hi There

Today I was walking down Strand Street and popped into Starbucks, looking for something to drink. My eyes wandered across some Innocent Smoothie products and landed on a Smoothie of the Month drink, which was made of passion fruit and lychees.

I thought that this smoothie looked interesting and decided to give it a try. I arrived at the till and was ready to pay for my chosen drink, when a notice was shown to me, which stated that I couldn't use my debit card.

I had no cash on me either and so was about to return my drink, when a fellow customer stopped me.

This lovely lady standing behind me (who was wearing a very vibrant shade of red lipstick) offered to pay for my drink. At first I was shocked (not believing what I was hearing, for it had never happened to me before) but then very grateful, after realizing that she was serious.

And so to this lovely lady, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU!

I commend her greatly, for the warmth and generosity of heart, which she showed towards me.


Thanx :)

If you know the lady in vibrant red lipstick please let her know that Olivia sends a very big thank you from us for her kindness that day. If you fancy trying a random act of kindness yourself then this book is a great place to find some inspiration.

Go on, make somebody's day.

far far away

Patricia sent us a nice letter recently showing us just how far one sprig of our xmas mistletoe ended up.


This particular sprig made it all the way out to her students Christmas celebrations in China. Unfortunately Tom, one of her students, misinterpreted the instructions into having to kiss the actual mistletoe instead of kissing underneath it...


This duly resulted in a bang to his head on the doorframe. After closer inspection no real damage was done though.


Thanks to Patricia for writing to us and good luck with your IELTS exams Patricia's students.



Spotted outside our development kitchen a couple of weeks ago. Anyone for a herring and anchovy smoothie?

finding a green car

the world's worst paintjob

Cars aren't exactly the greenest machines in the world, but it's a fact of life that some of us need them in order to make our lives work better.

As I'm thinking of buying a new car, I thought I'd do some investigations into how green they are. And I thought I'd share some stuff with you, just in case you're looking into buying a car too.

First of all, I asked the people at WorldChanging if they knew of any data. They pointed me towards the website of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Data available includes new car fuel consumption and exhaust emissions figures.

And then there's this top 20 chart of the greenest carmakers (thanks to Dan for sending this over).

All worth looking at before you book a test drive.


Our Ginger Sarah (far left) recently went to New York and met someone famous. Can you guess who it is?


(Clue: he may be levitating)