Thoughts from March 2007

juice drinkers wanted

Shopping can be slightly confusing. There's a lot of choice, and too many words that we don't really understand. We thought that this might be the same for people who buy juice - and we'd love to be able to make it a bit easier. So we're looking for some nice people to pop into Fruit Towers and have a little chat to us about shopping in the chilled juice aisle.

If you're over 35 and you buy chilled juice and smoothies fairly regularly from a supermarket, we'd love for you to let us know if you can come along to Fruit Towers in Shepherds Bush, West London on Monday evening (2nd April) at 6.30pm. If you think you'll be able to help there'll be plenty of smoothies and an innocent goodie bag to say a big thank you. Drop Helen an email by 12pm on Monday if this sounds like your cup of tea/smoothie.

the strength and determination of Rocky

A nice man called David from Creative Emporium decided to make us some hoodies to help us keep warm on our early morning runs. We're really pleased with our super snug hoodies and they've inspired us to adopt a new running mantra - Wear Rocky. Feel Rocky. Be Rocky (grrrrr).


Last week, we headed to the softer ground of Richmond Park for a big Rocky style run. We saw lots of deer, greeted fellow runnners and cyclists with happy hellos and got our trainers all muddy (which made us feel like real runners). We also got a bit lost and ended up being overtaken by power walkers, so we've decided to write directions on our hands from now on.

This week sees the last of our big runs, so we're spending the week resting and eating pasta in preparation. If you've got any tasty pasta bake recipes, please do let us know.

beeing creative

A quick hello to Cath and the parents/kids at Beeing Creative. They sent us in some excellent pictures of them making stuff out of our kids cartons, so we thought we'd share:

making a bee out of one of our boxes

applying bee stripes

playing skittles with our wedges

we love to squeeze bananas

While many of you might already of seen this, we still thought that it was worth sharing when Dan sent it in.

It's a little video about a man named Juan giving out free hugs and the reception he gets, which thankfully starts being a very warm one. It has really taken off and he now has a wee website of its own you can visit here. It also reminded us of a poem by Brian Patten:

We love to squeeze bananas.
We love to squeeze ripe plums.
And when they are feeling sad
We love to squeeze our mums.

Have a good hug today...

green penguin


We like Penguin books over here at innocent. So much so that we invited them to set up a nice quiet reading area under the trees at our summer festival last year. In keeping with our recent green theme we'd like to point you to Penguin's recently launched Green Penguin website, dedicated to recording what they are doing to reduce their impact on the environment. They've also bought a wood with the Woodlands Trust in which they plan to plant 40,000 trees over the next five years.

And like any good plan they need clear targets. Here are Penguin's targets. Well done and good luck Penguin.