sing london

Our very own Meera (who can be seen chatting to ade here) has been very busy lately helping to organise Sing London. Here's a little introduction to Sing London by Meera...

"Been shunned by your local karaoke bar but love singing? You need to know about Sing London. A festival with over 100 singing events over 10 days all over London designed to get you out of the comfort of your shower."

And here are the really big singing events to look our for between tomorrow and July 8th:
V & A Friday late - Friday 29th June
Jazz Café - Sing with Omar - July 1st 12pm -4pm
Late at Tate - July 6th - 6.30pm
Bluffers Guide to Singing with Fame Academy's David and Carrie Grant - Science Museum - 3rd July - 7pm

Our designer Stu (he designs stuff, doesn't wear Armani to work everyday) also came up with Sing London's great logo. Good team effort guys.

Find out more here: