Thoughts from June 2007

and then there were two


Nearly a year to the day from starting our first innocent drinks blog (see below) we have just opened the virtual doors to our second blog, the innocent village fete blog. You'll be able to keep up to date with all things fete via the new little widget in the right hand column of this blog, by checking back regularly at the blog itself or by subscribing to its RSS feed if you're really fancy.

We hope you enjoy it.

our blog's first birthday

Dan, Hannah and Ted - the innocent people who blog a lot

We've been blogging for a whole year. In that time, eighteen different innocent people have written 403 posts, you've made 2349 comments, we've had a big debate and a pop sensation.

Here's our first post. It was rubbish, but as they say, things could only get better. And they did. Slightly.

Thanks for reading, commenting and staying involved. If you have any thoughts as to what we should be blogging about in year two, post a comment.

Best suggestion received before 6pm on Sunday 10th June wins a load of drinks and a fancy hooded top.

chilton foliat village fete

This year we're holding the first ever innocent village fete. So, we thought it might be nice to spend some time learning about how fetes are done from the experts. Luckily, learning about fetes is lots of fun. It involves us spending the summer touring the best village fetes we could find. This Saturday, our tour began in a lovely village called Chilton Foliat.


We brought along some smoothies in our dancing grass van. We even set up our very own fete game.


There were lots of great things about the Chilton Foliat fete. But our favourite bits were:


Welly Wanging

Dsc02257 Dsc02428

Quality Bric-a-Brac


Plate smashing



The Dog Show. Molly and Maisy were the two dogs most like their owners.


And Brian. He built this steam engine all by himself. It took 14 years, and now he brings it to village fetes around the country.


It's even got a proper tax disc.

some news about spam

We've had lots of comment spam over the last few days (ironic, considering Claire's recent post). This is the sort of stuff that looks like a proper comment but is actually just a random message, usually with a link back to a naughty Russian website, which might often feature the word 'sex' in the URL.

So we're going to turn the comment moderation facility on for a few days, until our friends at Typepad (the people who manage the blog) fix the spam.

We will still be posting all comments from regular people as usual.


junk-free life


Fed up of getting loads of junk mail? We've come across this great set of labels from a nifty little online shop called ecotopia.

Just staple the junk label to your offending envelope and pop it back in the post, thus removing you from their mailing list and helping you do your bit to lead a more natural and lower impact lifestyle. Genius.