Thoughts from June 2007

poor poor joseph


We get quite a lot of post each day at Fruit Towers, but you know you're onto something special when it's one of those posh envelopes with 'do not bend' on the front. This week we were sent a signed photo of 'The Josephs' from Any Dream Will Do off the tele. It's gone straight up on our noticeboard in pride of place, next to our Anastacia autograph.

transformers ... men in disguise?


1984. Not just a title of a book, but a vintage year in television. I fondly recall watching The Love Boat on a Sunday evening, in front of the fire and eating hot buttered crumpets. This was a big thing as a kid in our house (the eating in front of the fire, not the buttered crumpets) as it was the only time we were allowed to sit away from the table and eat our tea. If you're of a certain age, you may remember other ace programmes like The A-Team, Robin of Sherwood and ... Transformers. Who could forget those robots in disguise? Clearly not these men. Thanks to Kate for the link and Devin Carraway for the picture. Oh and watch out for the guy towards the end of the clip. He's digging it.

whole foods opening

Ginger Sarah, Rosie and Lucy E claim their goodie bags

We went to the "Grand Opening" of the brand new Whole Foods store in Kensington on Monday evening and the store looked amazing. Plus we got a goodie bag complete with Prostate pills, did lots of mingling with foodie types and enjoyed champagne and oysters.

More exciting news about Whole Foods soon...

Oh no.