Thoughts from June 2007

and we're off again


The other night, innocent Drum Club 2007 had our first practice, at some sound studios opposite Fruit Towers. We're getting ready to perform at the Village Fete in August, which is very exciting. We were a tad rusty to begin with, but slowly got the hang of it, thanks to our great teacher, Barak. Barak has taught us for the past few years, and in addition to having the best hair in the Northern Hemisphere, he has the patience of a saint. We'll be rehearsing every Monday until the fete, so more updates on our beats and blisters soon.

helping out at whole foods


Daisy has worked at innocent for years - she was here right at the beginning. This week she went down to help some other people who are just beginning. Whole Foods are a chain of US supermarkets that have just opened their first big store in London. They've been really busy since they opened last week, so a few of us are going over there this week to do a shift and help out. Here's what Daisy said about working there:

"If you havent been down to the new Wholefoods store in Kensington yet, you definitely need to, it's amazing. So much delicious stuff under one room you'll be there for hours. Yesterday afternoon I went and helped out (it sounds like they've been pretty busy since the grand opening last week and we figured they'd be grateful for a few extra pair of hands this week). I rolled up my sleeves and stocked the shelves. It was pretty hard work carrying boxes up and down stairs all afternoon but good for my biceps no doubt. And the team were great and really looked after me (thanks Kim). Plus I got a smart badge with my name on and at the end of the day went home with the biggest chocolate brownie you've ever seen."

"I wish I'd worn my heels"

Another great thing about Whole Foods is that we've invented some recipes for them to make at their juice bar. 10% of all proceeds from our recipes will go to the innocent foundation, so if you're passing the store, pop in and try one.


where should we plant this tree?


We got to go the Mayor of London's office recently, to receive our 'Big Tick' award for our Supergran campaign. The awards are described as "awards for the positive impact responsible business operations and activities have in the marketplace, the workplace, the environment or in the community." And naturally we're chuffed to bits to win one.

But the question is this - where should we plant the oak sapling that we got as a prize? We think west London could do with a new tree, but we want to put it somewhere where it's going to be happy and grow up big and strong.

Does anyone have any ideas?

as fresh as a daisy


Our two Dancing Grass Vans have just had a Spring/Summer 07 makeover. Which is a good news as they're both going to be on the road a fair bit this summer (you'll note that old fete favourite 'ball in a bucket' stowed away inside this one)


We also seem to have aquired another big van complete with secret serving hatches. Can you spot them?


I don't know much about it at this stage but it seems it may be heading elsewhere quite soon.