Thoughts from June 2007

the herd is growing


You might have heard of or seen our cow vans, which roam the country carrying our drinks from one place to another.

Trevor emailed us to say that he'd seen something similar (see image above) in a field alongside the M5 towards Bristol, and wondered whether it was something to do with us. It's not, but these cow bins are a great idea set up by Taylor Cow Bins to encourage recycling in both primary and secondary schools.

I cycle past some in East London on my way to Fruit Towers every morning and have often pondered over their origin, so I'm very grateful to Trevor and to Taylor Cows for solving and creating the mystery respectively.

The Beeb picked up on it too, so you can read more here.

we are one


We're pretty noisy


Barak shows us how it's done


Back to basics

Another Monday night, another Drum Club rehearsal. Tonight Barak taught us to become one with reggae. Exercises included drumming with our hands, lots of sitting on the floor, and plenty of whistling. If you'd like to see Barak and his (real) band, you should pop along to Guanabara this Saturday evening. He promises it will be quite a show.

a taste of london

Dsc02675_2 We had a great time at Taste of London on the weekend, thanks to all of you who came over to say hello. Here are some of our 'favourite bits' as they say on the telly.. Dsc_4867 Pin the tail on the monkey (they're cheekier than donkeys). Dsc_4851 Rat splatting. Dsc02650 Shy coconuts. Dsc_4997 And the best of all, happy drinkers. We'll be doing the same again at Taste of Bath from this Thursday (28th) to Sunday (1st) if you're visiting.

a taste of fete


Our touring village fete is currently setting up at Taste of London in Regent's Park. Erin's on her way over there at the minute to see how it's all going.


Look out for the big sign above if you're going along yourself and come and say hello, throw a coconut at a shy (?), or a ball into a bucket. And sample a few of our smoothies of course.

For an update on our touring fete, have a quick look at our village fete flickr group. It's starting to fill up nicely now.

wraysbury village fete


Hannah, Dan, Michelle, Vic, Peta, Jonathan and Tansy all spent their Saturday at Wraysbury village fete, near Windsor, as part of our village fete tour. Despite heavy rain that morning, the opening parade started proceedings off in fine style, led by Wraysbury Primary School.


Following them came the local fire engine, but that didn't escape the soggy ground and got stuck right next to our DGV*.

And for quite some time.


Meanwhile our ball in the bucket game went down a treat...


As did the ferret racing with most...


Though some weren't so keen, including Jonathan who took to making our game a daisy chain starting line.


(which we let this little lad slightly overstep).

All in all it was a wonderful day, we learnt about the local wine society, got some more inspiration for our own fete and met some lovely folk.

It was an eventual happy ending for the fire engine too, though not so much the village green.


* dancing grass van