Thoughts from June 2007

lights, camera, action

Rosie is studying photography at college and sent us in these great shots she took on a little lego set she built (she used 120 slide film if you're curiou). The brief was to take an existing product and make a series of new adverts for it. A job well done we think, the colours have come out amazingly, just hope your tutor agreed?





For even more examples of inspiring creativity like this have a quick look around our pinboard.

don't forget to say 'cheese'


We're big fans of cheese here at innocent. Personally my favourite cheese is of the music variety, but if pushed I'll go for Katy's White Lavender, shown above, which is made from sheep's milk, marinated in lavender flowers. Yum. For all you true cheese fanatics out there, however, it's time to take your love to another level. Oh yes. Carry your favoured variety of fromage to a famous place, or in some cases any place, take a picture and then show the world here. Thanks to Charlotte B for the link.

sing london

Our very own Meera (who can be seen chatting to ade here) has been very busy lately helping to organise Sing London. Here's a little introduction to Sing London by Meera...

"Been shunned by your local karaoke bar but love singing? You need to know about Sing London. A festival with over 100 singing events over 10 days all over London designed to get you out of the comfort of your shower."

And here are the really big singing events to look our for between tomorrow and July 8th:
V & A Friday late - Friday 29th June
Jazz Café - Sing with Omar - July 1st 12pm -4pm
Late at Tate - July 6th - 6.30pm
Bluffers Guide to Singing with Fame Academy's David and Carrie Grant - Science Museum - 3rd July - 7pm

Our designer Stu (he designs stuff, doesn't wear Armani to work everyday) also came up with Sing London's great logo. Good team effort guys.

Find out more here:

a mighty seed


As you know we are big fans of nature here at innocent. So it was with great excitement that Ailana went along to the Eden Project for the opening of the biggest ever stone sculpture in the world. It weighs as much as ten elephants and is part of their brand new education centre. She says it is ‘easily the best thing’ she’s seen this year, so we highly recommend you get down to Eden to have a nose around, learn a it more about nature, and admire ‘the seed’. It was sculpted by a very talented man called Peter Randall-Page. Sadly she couldn’t make it down in time for the Peter Gabriel concert the night before, but apparently he’s a big fan too.

And here's a picture of them burying a time capsule underneath it. The Queen wrote a letter to go in it and everything...


where there's smoke there's...


Burnt toast.

We had a bit of an accident here at fruit towers on Friday when Paul found out that the timer on out toaster doesn't work that well. So 2 minutes quickly turned in 3..4..6..7.. you get the idea.

The effects of which can be seen below and could be heard from Sheperds Bush tube station once our fire alarms caught a whiff of the smoke.



Luckily Paul was also a fast thinking fire fighter as soon as he realised and got the offending slices into the sink for a quick dip before the boys in aubergine came for a smoothie top up again.


We'll know better next time.