Thoughts from July 2007

al gore, prince charles and our special prize

scruffy Anthony and gorgeous Emma get the prize (fourth and fifth from left)

Prince Charles, Vice President Al Gore, influential speakers on global issues, flattering us and telling us we were helping to make a difference. Whatever next?

The reason all of these dignitaries are standing with us is because we won a National Example of Excellence from Business in the Community for our Supergran campaign. As well as the prize, Al Gore said Emma's dress was very nice. We're trying very hard not to let it all go to our heads. My mother punctured my balloon by labelling me a scruff for not wearing a tie.

Thanks again to everyone who knitted hats and to Sainsbury's and EAT who sold them for us. More about our plans for this year coming soon...

a taste of bath

Dsc01961_2 We've just packed up the last of the bunting after another great few days of taking our village fete on the road, this time to Taste of Bath in a very floral Royal Victoria Park. Taste_of_bath And once again the firm family favorites of splat the rat, pin the tail on the monkey and our coconut shy stole the show. Dsc01938_2 Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a smoothie and a chat. We hope you enjoyed the festival as much as we did. Our next stop is the Cornbury Festival near Charlbury in Oxfordshire. Billed as being 'an eccentric, charming and irresistible musical carnival' we're very excited. Plus Blondie's playing on Sunday night, wonder if they'll play Sunday Girl? We'll let you know.